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You will learn how to create a healthy, preventative lifestyle and sail through the holidays!

We're covering topics like:
  • how to satisfy your sweet tooth AND be healthy
  • eating healthy on the go
  • preparing healthy meals that everyone will love
  • setting a budget and staying on it
  • don't let the holidays put you into debt
  • how to handle the busy schedules
  • eliminating stress even in the chaos
  • how to keep moving amidst everything else
  • how to take your movement inside 
  • how to safely navigate the cold temps
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Host Aimee Carlson is The Toxin Terminator!  Aimee is helping people restore and renew their health by removing toxins from their homes and their lives.  Join in as industry thought-leaders help you understand the physical and emotional effects these products can have on you and your family.  PLUS, you'll discover safe alternatives you can use to remove the hidden toxins for renewed health!

 Let the Toxin Terminator Skill on Alexa help you create a toxin-free home environment with our Ditch & Switch Ideas!  We're making it easy for you to create a safe home for you and your family.

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I'm making it easy for you to create that toxin-free environment for you, your family, and the generations to come!  I now have 3 different ways to work with me that fit any budget!

1.  Have your very own private in-home consultation.  We will work virtually as I  walk room by room with you showing you exactly what to get rid of, and what to replace it with.  


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"Removing toxins from our life is such an important topic.  Aimee does a wonderful job interviewing great experts to increase our awareness of the toxins that exist in our world and giving us tips and strategies so we can live cleaner, healthier lives. Aimee is full of positive energy that she transmits to her listeners." ~ Marjie B

"Aimee Carlson has created a health & wellness podcast that is incredibly easy to digest-yet packed with tips that are unbelievably practical. She's a terrific interviewer and the conversations she has with her guests are immensely informative.  Can't recommend the toxin terminator enough!" ~ Eric S

"Aimee has done an awesome job at bringing this important information to light! As a physician, I'm so happy to see people talking about our environmental toxins and how they impact our health. So, thank you!" ~ Gyniedoc


I struggled most of my adult life with chronic illness, from severe migraines and headaches to reproductive issues that led to a full hysterectomy at the age of 38 and very bizarre symptoms along the way.  Working over 30 years in the automotive industry I was exposed to an extraordinary amount of toxins.  Not only that, but the lifestyle as a franchise owner/operator was extremely toxic and what I was using in my home all played a role in how my body was responding to it's environment.  It wasn't until I was in midlife, dealing with over 12 years of the wonderful symptoms of menopause that I finally woke up.  The doctors kept prescribing more medications and kept telling me I was under stress, but offering no solutions!  And then an accidental opportunity  yielded the best discoveries of my life.  I have spent the last seven years improving my health naturally, removing toxins from my life and empowering families to do the same.  I no longer struggle with the health issues that kept me from feeling my best.  I believe that for renewed wellness and to live without chronic disease we must be aware of what we are putting IN our bodies and ON our bodies.  

I started my podcast, The Toxin Terminator, to be able to bring a message of hope.  Today, one in two adults struggle with a chronic disease.  I know we can make a difference!  I interview thought leaders in the industry as well as guests with powerful stories of renewed health!!  Make sure you listen in!!   

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Aimee Carlson
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