The Links Between Oral Health and Overall Health

The Links Between Oral Health and Overall Health

On this solo episode of the Toxin Terminator podcast we talk about the link between our oral health and our overall health.

Find out about:

·      How our oral health and our gut heath are linked

·      What can we do to reduce the inflammation in our gut

·      Various ways we can improve our oral heath

·      Tips on things to look for and avoid when looking for a dentist


“The mouth serves as a gateway, so to speak, to our body.”

“If we have chronic inflammation, we've got disease, and really it can be anywhere in our body.”

“There's not really true food sensitivities, it's the fact that our body is so inflamed.”

“In my family is was just, this was our lot in life.”

“Bad breath is an indicator of poor gut heath.”

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