Health Extension Promoter with Donna Haugen

Health Extension Promoter with Donna Haugen

Our guest on today's episode of The Toxin Terminator podcast is Donna Haugen! First and foremost a survivor of breast cancer, she is a “heath extension promoter”, a serial entrepreneur, and a biohacker.

Tune in as she talks to us about her own battle with breast cancer, her post-cancer victories, and how that led her down the path to biohacking.

Find out about:

·      Biohacking: what it is and how we can do it

·      Different types of modality therapy

·      The benefits of ozone treatment and insufflation

·      Hacking your sleep

·      Diet, metabolism, and mitochondria testing

·      The importance of filtering your water and trace minerals

·      An overview of The SuperWoman Retreats



“As much as you know what is right and wrong... we don't always make that choice.”


“I think part of your journey is that you accept the messy with the beautiful.”

“If you are not sleeping, you will not be able to do it.”

“The truth is movement can look different too.”

“People don't think about oxygen.”

“Your journey may not look like mine.”

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Toxic Environments and Beating Cancer with Dr. Diva Nagula

Toxic Environments and Beating Cancer with Dr. Diva Nagula

My guest on this episode of The Toxin Terminator podcast is Dr. Diva Nagula. He is a board-certified physician and has studied extensively in integrative and functional medicine.

Tune in Dr. Nagula talks about how his drive for recognition and acceptance created a lifestyle that lead him to be diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphona. Both in this podcast and in his new book, From Doctor to Patient, Dr. Nagula talks about his journey openly and honestly. He explains how it ultimately led him toward living and advocating for the path of holistic wellness that includes body, mind, and spirit to not only heal but prevent disease.

Find out about:

  • How some habits related to the entrepreneurial mindset can contribute to health issues.
  • Why you should pay attention to the toxins in your home environment.
  • The benefits of living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.
  • What to pay attention to in your body.
  • The importance of having a community to lean on.


"The easiest change that we can implement is changing our diet.”

“Anything that is not natural has a tendency to be toxic to our bodies.”

“To reduce all these issues, we have to reduce inflammation.”

“You can empower yourself with being more aware of your body.”

“It all starts with the gut.”

“Being alone is a risk factor for mortality, more so than smoking and alcohol.”

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