Glutathione, Our Body's Knight in Shining Armor

Glutatione, the “knight in shining armor” in our body! Join us today on another solo episode of The Toxin Terminator as we talk all about it.

Find out about:

·      What glutathione is and what it does for us

·      Ways to enhance glutathione in the body

·      The many benefits of the Ningxia wolfberry (or goji berry)



“We know we're exposed to toxins in our everyday world, there's just no getting around it today.”

“Since starting to drink it I have not had to take any kind of treatments for allergies.”

“We have to find ways to reduce that load on our body.”

“This is a great tool to have in your arsenal to help support your body while you're going through whatever it is that you have to go through.”

“We have to have antioxidants in our body to go after the free radicals that are coming into the body.”

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·     Toxin Terminator Episode 43

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