What's the real cause of periodontal disease with Dr. Danenburg

Today's guest is Dr. Alvin H. Danenberg. Known as Dr. Al to his patients, he is a periodontist dental practitioner who has had a private practice for 44 years, a certified functional medicine practitioner, a certified primal health coach, and an ADAPT trained health professional. He is also the author of “Crazy Good Living”, a speaker, and a creator of content for the College of Integrative Medicine.


Tune in as he talks about how our mouth health and gut health are intertwined, how our lifestyle choices effects our overall health, and busts some myths in the dental world.

Find out about:

·      The link between the gut and mouth health/gum diseases

·      How plaque is good for the mouth and why it becomes unhealthy

·      Busting some myths of the dental world: 

◦    Teeth whitening

◦    Tooth paste

◦    Mouth wash

◦    Mercury fillings

◦    Root canals

◦    Fluoride

◦    X-rays

·      A brief overview of Dr. Al's personal cancer story

·      What questions to ask a dentist when seeking out a good one


“We have to be aware that science is great, but it has a fault.”

“What is going on with gum disease is a direct relation to what has happened in our gut.”

“You want to talk about a myth: the dental plaque around your teeth is healthy!”

“The gum tissue never, ever, ever should bleed, just like any other part of your body should never, ever bleed when the skin is in tact.”

“If you understood good nutrition, you would understand tooth decay.”

“We played with free mercury in our hands like kids play with Play Doh.”

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·      https://drdanenberg.com/ 

·      https://drdanenberg.com/teeth-whitening/

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