The 5 Pillars of a Toxin-Free Lifestyle

On the first-ever SOLO episode of The Toxin Terminator podcast, we outline each of the five pillars of a toxin-free lifestyle; air, water, absorption, food, and emotional and mental.

Find out about:

·      The five pillars of a toxin-free lifestyle.

·      Some sources of air pollution in our homes.

·      The importance of thinking about water that goes on our body as well as in.

·      Why absorption is so important not to overlook.

·      Making sure that we have good food sources.

·      Different aspects of the emotional and mental elements.


“The science is saying that the air in our homes is five times more polluted than the outdoor air.”

“When we are taking a shower, we're heating everything up, we're opening up the pores of our bodies, so we're absorbing the toxins that are coming in through those water sources.”

“Do we ever think about what we're putting on our body as being part of our healthy lifestyle?”

“We eat what they ate.”

“If our gut health is not in good shape, our mental health is going to suffer as well.”

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Adrenal Support

As we discuss recharging our bodies, I have to tell you that using these two essential oils have been a lifesaver for my adrenals!!  I find nutmeg to irritate my skin on it's own, so I use a bit of coconut oil.  Apply 1-2 drops of NUTMEG over adrenals (found on mid back just about an inch on either side of your spine) first thing in the morning.  I then apply a drop of ENDOFLEX over my thyroid and a drop or two over my adrenals as well!  Check out the picture below. The adrenal glands are the yellow on top of the kidneys.   Need to get some of these oils?  CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED


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