If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your healthcare challenges and tired of the standard medical approach of “a pill for every disease," you’re going to feel right at home with Dr. Carol Lourie. Carol is a Naturopath, Licensed Acupuncturist, Functional Medicine™ expert and Homeopath, with over 30 years of experience in providing integrative health care.

Dr. Carol Lourie is redefining healing and is on a mission to bring good health to as many people as possible. She partners her skill set and experience with your knowledge of your body to really help you truly heal. She believes lasting healing occurs when we dig in deep to know what's really going on inside of our bodies.

Carol specializes in infertility and breast cancer, helping women through each step of the journey towards restored health. Together, we talk about infertility, cancer and how toxins can play a significant part in all of this.

Leading causes of infertility in women

Dr. Carol Lourie has helped countless women overcome infertility issues. She talked about the fact that women are waiting longer to have children. Balancing a career and family life is difficult for many people and women no longer feel pressure or ‘rushed’ to have children as soon as possible. While there’s no problem waiting until you’re ready to have children, it often means that women are using birth control for longer.

As Dr. Carol Lourie noted, women usually assume that the minute they stop using birth control, they’re going to get pregnant. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Carol talked about a patient who was struggling to get pregnant and assumed it was because she has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). However, the patient was using 29 personal care products, including dozens of fragrances on her body and in her home. The chemicals in those products were impacting her hormones, therefore affecting her infertility issues.

Sense enters our bodies through our noses, traveling up the pituitary gland, which is the director of releasing hormones in our body. It acts as an estrogen disruptor, leading to estrogen becoming ‘unhealthy estrogen.’ This leads to hormone disruption, estrogen dominance and in extreme cases, breast cancer.

When your hormones are not healthy, your whole body is not healthy.” 

Symptoms of hormone imbalance 

One of the most common symptoms of hormone imbalance is severe premenstrual syndrome. Irregular ovulation is another symptom to look out for as well as missing periods altogether. Or, you could have the opposite problem and have periods that last for two weeks.

When you go to the doctor about these issues, you’ll be given the birth control pill. However, the pill is like putting a band-aid over gangrene because you’re just putting more hormones into your body, which further disrupts the pituitary gland.

It’s not just older women who experience these problems. Girls are getting their periods at a younger age because of hormone disruptors and their diet. The standard American diet is dangerous because it’s full of red meat, sugar, and carbohydrates that don’t give the body the nutrients it needs to function properly.

How to avoid hormone-disrupting products

Dr. Carol Lourie believes that the first thing we need to do as women is to take back our buying power. You don’t need to be a ‘victim to advertising.’ Put your health where your pocketbook is – that’s where it starts.

She also advises women to stop buying over-the-counter beauty products. Instead, go for eco-quality products that are made locally. Body washes are filled with estrogen disruptors and chemicals, which enters your system while you’re in the shower because your pores are open from the hot water. This allows all of the chemicals and toxins inside those products to enter your system.

Red meat, chicken and so on that have been made with nitrates and nitrites are filled with toxins. They’re not only estrogen disruptors, but research shows that they’re also one of the contributing causes of cancer.

How to recover your health

Cancer is becoming more prevalent in our society. Dr. Carol Lourie also noted that there is a linear increase as we become a more toxin and chemical driven society. Unfortunately, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, which is an exceedingly high number and those numbers are continuing to increase.

Getting rid of physical toxins as well as toxins in other parts of your life such as your relationships with others is crucial for recovering your health. Addressing the “emotional component of illness goes hand in hand with dealing with the metabolic dysbiosis that's creating the driving factors that are creating the illness.”

To help resolve these health issues, Dr. Carol Lourie advises that you find out where the toxins are and then remove them. You also need to address the health of the gut, the body, the mind and the health of the spirit. All of these things must be addressed in order to truly recover your health.

There are many different forms of breast cancer and treatment depends on your diagnosis. However, many women will assume that a quick internet search is all they need to put together their own recovery protocol.

Cancer is a metabolic disease and circulating tumor cells and stem cells are a very real concern, even after you ring the bell and announce that you’re cancer free. It’s important to address the tumor microenvironment so that they cannot grow there any more. To do this, you need to make sure your body is basic as opposed to alkaline. An acid environment is more inflammatory whereas a basic environment is healthier. You can test your PH levels using PH strips in the morning that you can pick up at your local drugstore.

Another important step to recovery is to promote an inhospitable environment by eating a very specific diet. Dr. Carol Lourie states that the further you derive from the standard American diet, the healthier you’ll be.

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