Are you tired of putting up with painful and uncomfortable symptoms? Are you fed up with taking expensive medication that doesn’t target the root cause of the problem?


My guest, Julie Hager, knows exactly how you feel because she’s been there herself. After living in pain and sickness for years, Julie is in complete remission. She is an Integrative Nutrition and Functional Medicine Health Coach who has made it her duty to empower women with digestive and autoimmune-related issues with solutions. These solutions find the root cause of their symptoms so that they can live a happy, comfortable and painless life again.


Through her business, Inside Out Wellness, Julie has helped countless women find the cause of their symptoms, restore gut health and put their condition in remission. She is so passionate about helping others partly because she’s been there herself. From the age of 10, Julie has suffered from bladder issues. As she got older, she learned how to personally heal her bladder through diet and lifestyle changes. Now, she’s been symptom-free for over four years!


Julie's symptoms growing up


When Julie was just 10 years old, she had a lot of back pain, pelvic pain and she had to go to the bathroom all the time. So, she went to her doctor, who asked for a urine sample. There was blood in the urine, which was a clear sign something wasn’t right.


The pain went on for decades. Eventually, Julie accepted it, saying, “I had to become friends with pain quickly.” In her 20’s, Julie began to have a lot of stomach and allergy problems. Her menstrual cycles were very painful too. Although she went to her doctor for help, she noticed that they never asked her about her personal life. They never queried her about her diet or how much sleep she was getting at night.


Julie was on antibiotics for each of her urinary infections and a relaxer for her stomach. She was even offered an antidepressant as if her symptoms derived from being stressed.


The dark side of antibiotics


Julie has a lot of experience with antibiotics and not all of them are good ones. In fact, she talked about the fact that each time you take an antibiotic, it changes the bacteria in your stomach.


If it’s a particularly strong antibiotic, it wipes out the good and the bad bacteria. This disrupts the balance between good and bad bacteria in your gut, which can cause a stream of health issues. In your gut, there are tiny microbes that determine and influence every part of our body. This includes more than just our physical state. They also influence how we feel emotionally because they impact our hormones. So, having the right balance in your gut is vital.


However, if you’re taking antibiotics all the time, it kills the good bacteria, which can take a long time to restore itself. This is why, or at least part of the reason, why Julie had so many stomach issues.


How to know if your gut is out of balance


According to Julie’s research, 70% of Americans are struggling with some type of gut issue. Signs that your gut is out of balance include things like constipation. Believe it or not, there was a time in Julie’s life when she believed that having a bowel movement once a week was normal. She never questioned it because that was how she lived for years. However, you should really have a bowel movement every day.


If you’re not, you should take a closer look at your diet. Are you drinking enough water? Are you eating too much processed foods? If you’re not going enough, the chemicals in the food you eat can recirculate into your system, which can make you sick. It can also lead to gas and bloat. Another sign that your gut is out of balance is if you go too much. Other symptoms include heartburn, indigestion, infections, IBS and many more.


An irritable bowel (or IBS) is a collection of symptoms that can lead to abdominal pain, gas, bloat, and other issues. To help ease IBS, you need to find the root cause. Instead of depending on pills all the time, you need to address the actual problem. Only then will you be able to move past it towards a healthier lifestyle. So, you need to find out what’s the underlying reason that you’ve got a ‘leaky gut’? Is it because of the food you eat? Are you exposing yourself to too many chemicals?


How Julie got into remission


When Julie was in her early 50’s, she had the worst pain ever. She was bedridden, couldn’t eat certain foods and she was losing a lot of weight. When she went to her doctor, he told her that she had Interstitial Cystitis (IC), otherwise known as bladder pain syndrome (BPS). It’s a chronic bladder health issue whereby the person affected feels a lot of pain and pressure in the bladder area and are more prone to urinary infections.


Julie thought her future would consist of taking very expensive medications…forever. But she decided to take things into her own hands. She began to read the labels on the back of the food she ate and discovered almost everything was filled with unhealthy additives, preservatives and so on. She had a strong sugar addiction, which was causing inflammation. When she removed sugar from her diet, things began to improve.


She studied foods and cut out sugar, oils and all of the genetically modified food in her home. She also stopped consuming things like soda and alcohol, which would flare up her bladder issues. In addition to cutting chemical-ridden foods from her diet, she also began to eliminate other chemicals from her life such as certain shampoos, fragrance, makeup, window cleaners, and laundry detergent, etc. But, to get into remission, Julie needed to adjust her mindset and actually believe that she could get better.


“Doctors told me for years…you'll always have to take a pill, you'll always have stomach problems, you'll always have bladder problems. You know there's no cure for this. So, I believed it and I had to work on my mindset to understand that my body can heal, and I had to believe that.”


Getting better is a process. It won’t happen overnight, but you need to take the first step and keep going to see and feel a difference.


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