Are you living your optimal life? Or, is it something that you’re working towards?
Amy Bull can help you get there faster with her top five tools to help you become more self-aware and achieve your optimal health and wellness.
Amy is an Integrative Health & Wellness Coach who helps people create a balanced and healthy lifestyle, filled with purpose, passion, and joy. She has 23 years of experience managing a busy lifestyle, working in the corporate world and running a non-profit organization.
Amy understands how challenging it can be to balance it all without sacrificing our health and happiness in the process. She’s on an inspiring mission to provide space to empower individuals so they can uncover what they truly desire for their life and begin taking action towards their optimal vision.
In this post, Amy reveals five tools to help you become more mindfully aware, reduce stress and attain your optimal vision. She also shares her expertise and insights when it comes to the wheel of health and how we can feel more at home in our own bodies.

Why is Self-Awareness so Important?

Being self-aware means listening to what your body is trying to tell you in the moment. A large part of this is knowing when you feel good vs. when you don’t feel good. By discerning how you truly feel in the moment, you’ll become an advocate for your own health and wellbeing, something that Amy thinks we all need to work on.
Your body is always trying to tell you things. However, it’s up to you if you’re going to listen to it or not. Your body might be telling you to eat healthier foods, drink more water or cut back on your alcohol consumption, for example.

The more we learn to listen to our bodies, the more in tune we’ll become with ourselves. Self-awareness helps you to make more informed choices that are better aligned with your body and the messages it tells you in the moment.

Exploring the Wheel of Health

The wheel of health embodies more than just your physical health. It also includes things like your social, environmental, financial, spiritual, emotional and intellectual health. Right at the center of the wheel is where you’ll find your individual wellness.
Your individual wellness impacts all of the other branches of your health. This means that you need to be more mindful of how your body feels. For example, if you feel fatigued, consider what changes you can make that will supply you with more energy. This may involve being more mindful of what you put into your body and when.
Amy suggests looking at things from an observation standpoint. As you become more mindfully aware, you will be better equipped to choose how you respond to certain situations as they happen.

Here are Amy’s five tools to help you become more self-aware, even in life’s most stressful situations:

1. Take a deep breath

When we’re faced with a stressful situation, our immediate flight or fight response comes into play. However, instead of giving in to either of those initial responses, take a few deep breaths. Doing this simple act will help to calm and soothe your nervous system so that you can make a more informed decision about how to respond.
When things are piling up and you feel like you are overwhelmed, take five minutes out to practice deep breathing. This tells your body that everything is okay, and it also helps you to be more grounded, both physically and mentally.

2. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is critical to your overall health. When you sleep, your body is working hard to support healthy brain function. It also helps to protect your mental and physical health. How much sleep you need depends on you.
You are your best source for wisdom and knowledge on what’s best for you. Again, this is where self-awareness comes into it. Only you know if you need six, seven, eight or more hours of sleep each night.

3. Move your body

If you want to get more in tune with your body, you need to get moving! You don’t have to join the gym or run a marathon, a short walk will do wonders for your mind and body connection.
Amy believes that when you exercise, it helps you to feel more at home in your own body. Not to mention it can help calm your body down in times of high-stress and it can help clear your mind.

4. Write more frequently

Journaling and the process of writing your thoughts, ideas, and feelings on paper (or on a word document) is so powerful. It’s an extension of yourself and when you sit down to intentionally write something, it helps you to see things clearer. It also makes you more aware of your mental state of mind.

Once you start writing consistently, you’ll start to see the difference it can make to your life and your mental health. So, get yourself a nice journal, find a quiet place and just start writing!

5. Do something creative

You may not be the next Leonardo da Vinci, but that doesn’t mean you can’t unleash your inner artist. Everyone has some form of creative flare inside them, you just need to find yours.
Some great options include playing the piano, a jigsaw puzzle, creative writing or coloring. That’s right, coloring isn’t just for kids! Doing something creative can be really therapeutic and is great for helping you to develop your own self-awareness.

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