Fall into $aving$
Good morning !!

Are you ready for fall?  Cooler weather, leaves changing colors, football, and my favorite ~ changing the wardrobe??!!!
I have a brand new episode up and here are the highlights of my conversation with Deb Gutierrez, Holistic Health Coach Extraordinaire!!

Host Aimee Carlson sits down with Deb Gutierrez, a holistic health coach who shows you how to break free of stress and being overwhelmed. She wants you to find time to create the healthy lifestyle you desire to experience – while feeling 100% comfortable in the skin that you are in.

On this episode:
  • Deb explains exactly what a "holistic health coach" actually does.
  • Aimee and Deb talk about one of the biggest issues with the fitness industry today.
  • Come to understand that stress itself is a toxin.
  • Learn the connections between gut health and stress.
  • Hear the correlation between hormones and metabolism.
  • Aimee and Deb discuss the potential dangers of hormone replacement therapy.
  • Deb breaks down how herbicides can have a devastating effect on human health.
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I hope you are getting settled into your fall routine.  I'll leave you with this wonderful diffuser recipe that brings out the woodsy aroma of fall!!

Abundant Blessings,

Aimee Carlson
The Toxin Terminator

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  1. Hi Aimee, yes I am ready for fall! I love the layout of your blog, so professional and informative! Great job.
  2. I am so ready for my first real fall ever after 48 years on this earth!

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