The demands on farming in this century and how they get food to our plates has changed significantly.  No longer are farmers planting diverse crops, but have gone to more a one crop planting or two that helps reduce cost.  But this is also is making the plants susceptible to pathogens and pests.  Which in turn is requiring more use of pesticides!!

Check out the statisitcs on the exposures to this "toxic cocktail" in the video portion of my blog!

I get a test each year that looks at what my body is struggling with.  One of the things that always is noted is the high amounts of glysophate in my body.  For me, this was causing some major disruptions to my digestive system as well as my endocrine system.  My hormones were completely out of balance.  One of the reasons I was told is because I live in the midwest!  Our home is surrounded by crop fields.  

I needed to look at ways to rid my body of these toxins and also ways to reduce the exposure.  I did more work than this to help get the balance back to my digestive system and endocrine system, but I wanted to share just two very easy steps you can do to help support your body.

First, I used lemon essential oil daily in my water to help support the organs in my body that remove toxins.  This was interesting to me as when I first began this, I was going to the restroom a LOT!!  This is a good thing!!  Lemon is my first go to, but many of the citrus oils are very supportive of helping the body remove toxins!

Second, I began to use a product that removed not only the toxins, but the wax and dirt from my fresh produce!!  So I began to eliminate what was entering my body through what I ate.  I also made sure I was purchasing produce from farmers I could talk to so I could find out what their farming practices are.  Take a look at this picture from one of my produce cleanings!!

I am happy to report that the test last year didn't have glysophate testing high in my body!!  I am so thankful for the products that are keeping me on the right path to continued health!

Not all essential oils are created equal.  I have done my research.  Check out the company that I know, trust and love for me and my family here:

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Adrenal Support

As we discuss recharging our bodies, I have to tell you that using these two essential oils have been a lifesaver for my adrenals!!  I find nutmeg to irritate my skin on it's own, so I use a bit of coconut oil.  Apply 1-2 drops of NUTMEG over adrenals (found on mid back just about an inch on either side of your spine) first thing in the morning.  I then apply a drop of ENDOFLEX over my thyroid and a drop or two over my adrenals as well!  Check out the picture below. The adrenal glands are the yellow on top of the kidneys.   Need to get some of these oils?  CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED


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