Journey of Wellness ~ Episode 5
If you remember, when I began this journey I really didn't have a lot of health issues.  Certainly not what I percieved to be health issues.  I was in full blast menopause going absolutley crazy!!  (Ask my husband) Moods all over the place, no sleep, hot flashes; you name the symptom and I had it going on!!  I also had headaches every day, sometimes migraines.  These were so common for me, that I truly had just accepted them as part of "life", "age", it's just stress!!  Enter learning about harsh chemicals.

I really was excited to learn more about what I had in my hands.  I was very fortunate because Des Moines had a large presence of my fellow tribe that gathered every Monday night and taught classes.  I dove in!!!  One of the first things I began to learn about was the exposure we all have to harsh chemicals.  Some of these we have no control over, but within our own home, we are absolutely the gatekeepers!!  So I learned about words I had previously known nothing about.  Parabens, Phalates, Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Fragrance to name a few.  What I found was that the most toxin of all household products were what we cleaned with and what we do laundry with.  Look up dryer sheets!!!!  

So I replaced what we used to clean with, which was absolutley amazing because I needed just one product!!  YES!!!  And I began by making my own laundry detergent.  Did you know that white vinegar is an excellent fabric softener?  And dryer balls work great for static!!  I felt great about making these changes.  I knew I no longer had some of the higher endocrine disrupting chemicals in our house.  What I was most surprised by was that after a few weeks, I realized I was no longer having headaches.  Not only that but I haven't suffered a migraine for 4 years!!  

This is a huge win in my book!!

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