Recharge Your Body, Part 6!
Colors and Scents That Add Pep to Your Step

One way to get more energy is to incorporate essential oils and color therapy into your life. Studies show that certain colors provide energy, while others provide calmness, and some even make you hungry. Fast food restaurants use color extensively to get you in and out fast, and movie theaters and malls often pump in the smell of popped corn or other food to get their customers to buy more food. 

If it’s good enough for retail, it’s good enough for you. After all, they’ve spent the money on the studies and if it didn’t work, they would have stopped doing it already.

The Right Colors for the Right Moods

Try to find ways to incorporate the right colors for the right mood you want to elicit in yourself and others into the rooms and environment that you want them to feel that way in. For example, red and violet are known as energy colors, but they may also cause problems with concentration. If you work in a high energy place, red and violet can work, but if you want to make people feel happy and also productive, choose green and yellows. 

Just because you want to be energetic doesn’t mean everything should be red, but it may mean that the wall in the exercise room should be red. It may also mean that any room you want to relax in should be a shade of blue. This is a great color for a waiting room, for example. A soft blue that is almost white can be very soothing.

The Right Scents for the Right Moods

Scents can also make a huge difference in your energy levels. However, be cautious because some people are allergic to fragrance. Using high-quality essential oils is key to keep away from so many toxic ingredients included in the room sprays, candles, plug-ins and warmers that we purchase in the stores. I highly recommend Young Living because of their Seed to Seal Promise.  No other company owns or partners with their farms.

Some scents that can provide energy are:


The best thing to do is to buy the best essential oils you can.  Here is my link to check out Young Living.  Give each new scent at least 21 days before you make a judgment.  Essential Oils begin to work within minutes, but it's important to establish habits.  Another tip is to place the oils where you will see them, reminding you to use them daily!  I personally have diffusers in every room of our home. Since there are so many essential oil scents that can be mood lifters and energy boosters, you have a lot to choose from. Remember, if you want to be energetic tomorrow, use something calming at night. Only use the ones above during the time that you want to feel more energetic. Check out my FREE eBook with a year of diffuser recipes!

How to Improve Your Energy by Staying Hydrated

During this report, hydration has been mentioned several times but that is because it's so important. By some estimates, about 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated. So many people either drink too little water, or they drink other beverages for thirst instead of water. 

This is not good, because water affects every organ and function in your body. Whether you get headaches, suffer from sinus problems, dry skin, brittle nails, frizzy hair or something else, it may all be traced to not drinking enough water. No matter what you’ve heard, nothing is better for hydration than drinking regular unadulterated filtered water. 

But, since even mild dehydration can cause fatigue, here are some tips to ensure that you get enough water in every single day. If at any part of the day water tastes "funny" to you even though it’s fresh filtered water, try brushing your teeth because you’re likely just tasting your breath instead of your water. Yes, it’s true. 

Keep Water Handy – Instead of thinking that you must guzzle water, just have it handy. Keep a container of water with you always and sip it whenever you’re thirsty or hungry between meals. Due to the fact that most of us ignore our thirst signals, sometimes the body will signal hunger even when it’s not meal time to try to get moisture into your body. I highly recommend using a straw!  This will help you sip the water, rather than gulp.

Drink Water Before, During and After Working Out – When you work out, you need a little extra water to replace what you lose over your basic needs. Simply drink about four ounces of water before your workout and have some to sip occasionally during your workout, and then drink another four ounces after your workout.

Add Fruit to Your Water – If you want a change of pace, put a pitcher of water in your fridge with different types of fruit and even herbs. For example, sliced oranges and mint are good together. So are lemon and strawberry. Cucumber also makes water taste fresh and delicious and gives it a little extra something as a change of pace without adding unhealthy sugars.

Check out my Infused Water Recipe Book: Infused Water eBook.pdf

Avoid Other Beverages – Even if you enjoy coffee, coke, tea and so forth, none of these are hydrating, in fact they are dehydrating. Make it a rule that you can only enjoy something else once you drink your mandated amount of water depending on your weight. If you must have your morning coffee, add an extra few ounces of water to your day since it’s so dehydrating. I like to have an 8oz glass of water with lemon in it first thing when I wake up!  I encourage you to give this a try and see how you feel!  Tip:  fill the glass of water the night before and place on your bedside table!

Start and End Your Day with Fruit-Infused Water – You can even heat it up as a pick-me-up or relaxing beverage in the evening. Just choose your fruit wisely. Try mint and orange in the morning, and berries and chamomile in the evening. Check out the Recipe book above!

Drink Water with All Your Meals – Water needs to be the beverage of choice with meals. Some experts on digestion believe you should drink your water before and after your meal and not with it, so that your digestive juices are strong enough to digest your food. Test it out to see if it makes a difference for you.

Like most things, enough is the best, but too much is not good. Be aware of people trying to tell you to drink too much water. To calculate your needs, simply take your weight in pounds, divide by two, and then drink that many ounces of water all throughout the day. Do not guzzle water or drink water too fast, as drinking too much too fast can be very dangerous and unhealthy. Instead, make water drinking part of your daily life to enjoy all throughout the day.

To Sum Up

Recharging your body and overcoming fatigue so that you can get your life back is one of the most important ways you can improve the quality of your life. There is no reason you need to be exhausted and tired all the time. If it’s not a medical condition (and even if it is), you have a lot more control over how you feel each day than you think. It might be as simple as getting enough sleep and drinking enough water. You are the one with the power to figure it out. Don’t delay, so that you can get your life back and do wonderful things. 

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