The Benefits of Raw Honey
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We’re constantly hearing about the many 
benefits of raw, unprocessed honey. But 
as it turns out, it’s also really good 
for your skin!

There are lots of antibacterial products 
on the market, and sometimes you need 
that sort of treatment for your face. But 
instead of applying something that’s 
commercially made with added chemicals, 
try this next time instead. 

Thoroughly cleanse the spot on your skin 
that needs antibacterial treatment, then 
apply a teaspoon of raw, unprocessed honey 
to the area and gently massage it into the 
skin. Let it sit for 10 minutes and then rinse 
with warm water. Repeat until the infection 
is gone.

The same type of treatment can be used as 
a face mask, too.

After removing all of your makeup, take a 
teaspoon of honey and gently work it into 
your face. And don’t worry about it stripping 
your skin. Honey is very calming, so it won’t 
hurt your face at all. Let it sit for 10 
minutes and then rinse with warm water, just 
like a regular face mask. 

Raw honey is also anti-inflammatory. 
Sometimes our skin needs some cooling down, 
and when you’re looking to adopt a more natural 
skincare routine you want to shy away from 

So if an area on your body is irritated and 
inflamed, simply take a teaspoon of honey and 
let it sit for 10 minutes or so, just like the 
other treatments, and then rinse off with warm 

Whenever possible, try to purchase locally-sourced 
honey. Just make sure that it’s raw and unprocessed, 

If you’re really feeling luxurious, then consider 
using raw honey as a mask on other parts of your 
body, too. Such as your legs, arms, and even your 
neck. It’s not just our face that needs some love!

These are just a few ways to use all-natural, raw 
honey as part of your skincare routine. 

In next week's blog, I'll discuss the benefits of 
papaya as part of your natural skincare routine!


Aimee Carlson
The Toxin Terminator

Adrenal Support

As we discuss recharging our bodies, I have to tell you that using these two essential oils have been a lifesaver for my adrenals!!  I find nutmeg to irritate my skin on it's own, so I use a bit of coconut oil.  Apply 1-2 drops of NUTMEG over adrenals (found on mid back just about an inch on either side of your spine) first thing in the morning.  I then apply a drop of ENDOFLEX over my thyroid and a drop or two over my adrenals as well!  Check out the picture below. The adrenal glands are the yellow on top of the kidneys.   Need to get some of these oils?  CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED


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