The Benefits of Herbal Teas
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In today’s blog post about natural stress 
relief, we’re going to discuss the 
benefits of herbal tea. 

Herbal teas have been consumed by humans 
for thousands of years. While there are 
numerous benefits for your physical health, 
there are also many for your mental health as well. 

It all depends on what kind you drink.   

For example, you're probably aware of the 
fact that green tea is incredibly healthy 
for you. In addition to preventing cancer, 
this herbal tea also helps with your 
cognitive functioning.   

Studies have shown that consuming a few cups 
of green tea a day can help improve your 
memory. And when you have a strong memory, 
you're able to think more clearly and properly 
handle stress. 

For the optimal effect, it's recommended that 
you consume about 28 grams of green tea per day.   

Another herbal tea that can reduce your 
stress levels is jasmine tea.  

Jasmine tea is derived from Jasmine flowers. 

These flowers are highly nutritious, and 
packed with antioxidants that specifically 
help with your brain's functionality.  

The antioxidants found in jasmine tea specifically 
protect the cells in our brain that are associated 
with age-related damage.    

As we get older, these cells can weaken and cause 
us to react differently to stress. We're not able 
to handle it as well as we did when we were younger.    

But consuming a few cups of jasmine tea per 
day can actually prevent this from happening, 
meaning you can naturally reduce your stress.  

There are other types of herbal teas on the market 
that can naturally help your stress, so try a few 
different ones and see if you have a favorite. Or 
drink different ones throughout the day.    

You may also find that you only want to consume 
herbal tea when you're stressed out.   

As always, check your labels and know the 
ingredients.  Look for non-bleached tea bags
if using bags and organic leaf teas.  

Stay tuned for the next in this series on stress, 
when we'll discuss how interacting with animals 
can help you alleviate stress.


Aimee Carlson
The Toxin Terminator
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