Balancing Exercise, Nutrition and Mindset with Heike Yates

Heike Yates joins us today on The Toxin terminator! She is a fitness and nutrition coach who has been in the exercises, nutrition, and mindset world for 30 years, the creator of Pursue Your Spark, and the creator of several programs to help you live a better life.

Tune in as she shares with us her journey in fitness and nutrition, how it let to where she is today, and tips on how to go about your own journey.


Find out about:

·      The importance of community, human connection, and helping others

·      Reasons why Europe and other hotspots may have a more physically active society

·      The origins of Pursue Your Spark and a rundown of The 4 Week Lean Out Program

·      Ultrarunning, Toughmudder, and Ironman Triathlons

·      The importance of mindset when trying to pursue a healthier lifestyle

·      Tips for getting started on your healthier lifestyle journey

·      Why are you hear/your reason for doing this



“I gained all this weight and I really did not know what to do to get rid of the weight.”


“I felt on my own body how amazing exercise is.”


“Your body will do what the mind has set out to do.”


“In my opinion, if you're feeding your body healthy, organic, nutritious foods, the body cleanses itself.”


“Don't dim your own light, brighten your light. Pursue your spark, whatever your spark is.”

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