The 3 Things to Create a Life of Mastery with Michael Lauria

Today's guest is Michael Lauria, the leading expert helping men achieve a life of mastery with over 15 years in the coaching and counselling world. He has been featured internationally on podcasts and radio shows. He's been featured in articles for Coach Magazine in the UK, and is a best selling author of the book “Forging Excalibur: Rediscover Your Masculinity”.

Join us as Michael talks all about masculinity, neuroplasticity, and breaks down 3 things to create a life of mastery.

Find out about:

·      Masculinity in today's world

·      3 things to create a life of mastery

◦    Being deeply connected with a set of core values

◦    Having a well defined purpose

◦    Having a sense of contribution

·      The importance of responsibility and the concept of taking “100% ultimate responsibility”

·      What neuroplasticity is and how it can help us

·      Reality and how our perceptions of reality can differ

·      Toxic masculinity: what it is, where it came from, and how it affects us

·      The new Forging Excalibur 12-month program



“There's a big question mark over masculinity and what it means to be a man in this day and age.”


“Is your job, the work you do day in and day out? How is it improving humanity?”


“Is my definition of success in alignment with my core values? That's really the question.”


“If there's a thought pattern that doesn't serve you? Stop using it, and then you will lose it over time.”


“The message that this sends to men, and just as importantly boys, is that there are attributes, characteristics, and virtues of you that are toxic.”

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