Aimee Carlson owned a multi-location franchise business, is a professional network marketer, podcast host, best-selling author and certified Toxicity and Detox Specialist.  Aimee is helping people restore and renew their health by removing hidden toxins in their homes and their lives. After suffering from multiple chronic diseases, being shuffled from doctor to doctor and spending countless dollars on prescriptions with no solutions, Aimee found real solutions to heal her body. Her passion is to help others find these solutions to living without chronic disease and renewing their health.


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"We live in a toxic soup.  But what to do about it? This podcast presents a great blend of scientific facts about the dangers of toxic load and the easy to implement tips that we all need in order to live a life as toxin free as possible.  Love the passion and energy of the host!" ~ DrSandi

"Removing toxins from our life is such an important topic. Aimee does a wonderful job of interviewing great experts to increase our awareness of the toxins that exist in our world and giving us tips and strategies so we can live cleaner, healthier lives. Aimee is full of positive energy that she transmits to her listeners." ~ Margie B


"Aimee has such a kind and uplifting heart! She is so passionate about making sure we are living healthy non-toxic lives! She gives you tactical tips YOU can do now to improve your overall health! This podcast is a must! Oh and hello the guests she brings on are top of the line!" ~ LHanover


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