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I woke up one day and found myself in midlife, struggling with daily headaches and migraines and oh the menopause symptoms.  You know the ones, hot flashes, lack of sleep, emotional roller coaster, constant fatigue and what no one told me about ~ a demon was possessing my body (not literally, just felt that way).  The doctors told me it was stress related and not much that could be done and I should go on hormone replacement therapy.  Doesn't sound like a good solution to me!!  And then an accidental opportunity  yielded the best discoveries of my life.  I have spent the last five years improving my health naturally, removing toxins from my life and empowering families to do the same.  I no longer struggle with the health issues that kept me from feeling my best.  I believe that for renewed wellness and to live without chronic disease we must be aware of what we are putting IN our bodies and ON our bodies.  I work with you, where you are at,  so that you can achieve your personal health goals.  Remember, you're just one small change away from renewed health.
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- Hidden Toxin Risk Assessment~Let's see where your risks are and set up a plan to make small, simple changes to renewed health!

- Lifestyle Consultation~Let's work on securing your future.  I can help you achieve your financial goals.

- Public Speaker~Do you have an organization that needs a guest speaker?  I am passionate about sharing my healthy journey as well as the personal development that was so freely shared with me!




"I met Aimee Carlson a year ago and she helped me with my health & wellness!  I've been on painkillers for 17 plus years!!! With her heIp I started working on a program  and  I'm off the pain killers!!!! I have so much energy & feel better!!!! I thank God for bringing Aimee Carlson into my life!!!! ~Marjorie

"Our family is sleeping better and we have more energy! Thanks to Aimee Carlson, we are healthier than we've been and are not spending our money on doctor visits or the pharmacy." ~ Jamie

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