Time - A Precious Commodity

Time ~ We all have the same amount of it each day.  So why do some people seem to be able to do all they want and others struggle?  

I learned a long time ago, that if I didn't take control of my time, it would control me!  When I first went into a position in work where I wasn't punching into a time clock, I quickly realized I needed help in organizing my time.  I felt I was just jumping from one thing to the next and many times it seemed like the important things weren't getting done.  It was so easy to get distracted!  We surely don't set out on a road trip without knowing which way we'll go, right?  So why do we go about our days with no map?

The best thing I did was to start using a block calendar.  First, I wrote down all the things that I needed to do each day, each week and each month.  This was for both personal and work.  Next, I looked at what things were non-negotiable; these are going to get done no matter what and I highlighted them in green.  I then looked at those things that were negotiable and highlighted them in yellow.  After I completed this, I was able to determine what time I needed to wake up and go to sleep so I could accomplish what was on my list.  Then I filled in the block calendar  beginning with my non-negotiables and then adding in my negotiables after.  Some may consider this exercise your determining your rocks.  Determining your big rocks, little rocks and sand!  

This calendar has changed many times over the years, but I choose to always follow a block calendar so that I know I control my time!  At least this way, I know I can make the most of the time that I am given!!

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Speak Life

Can we really speak life over ourselves, our marriages, our families, businesses and friends if we are giving power to negative thoughts in our head?

I don't know about you, but I need to make sure my thoughts and deeds are matching my words.  So how do you accomplish this?

Here are 3 simple steps I take daily to keep myself in a place where my thoughts, deeds and words are speaking life.
1.  I daily spend 15 minutes in prayer, meditation and time for journaling my thoughts.
2.  Whenever a negative experience enters my head, I choose to dwell on something else.  I say, "not today Satan!"
3.  I look for the positive in people, places and things.  Even if all I can find is that they too are a child of God.

These are easiest when we are in a good place.  I challenge you to try one or all of them when you are struggling!  It's made a big difference for me.

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