Reducing the Friction of Living a Toxin Free Lifestyle

On today's episode of The Toxin Terminator podcast we talk all about reducing the friction on living a toxin-free lifestyle.

Find out about:

·      The importance of knowing your “why”

·      Early wins and ways to accomplish them

·      The value of accountability

·      A tip from each of the five pillars of a toxin-free lifestyle that you can incorporate into your life

·      Changing your limiting beliefs



“We just have to keep peeling the layers back in finding out why.”

“The more we pay attention to our body and how it feels, the easier the choices that we need to make will become.”

“When we don't fix our head space, no matter what we're doing physically around us we're not going to have the result that we really truly want to have."

“You all have a choice. You can choose good. You can choose bad.”

“Whatever we give energy to, we're going to create.”

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·    Click to listen to Episode 45




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