Chronic Inflammation, The Invisible Disease

Today's episode of the Toxin Terminator is all about chronic inflammation: what is it, what causes it, and what can we do about it!

Find out about:

·      What chronic inflammation is and how it effects our bodies

·      Some of the causes and symptoms of chronic inflammation

·      Three ways we can help combat it:

◦    Changing our diet, foods to eat, and foods to avoid

◦    The importance of movement/exercise

◦    Finding ways to deal with stress that work for you


“A lot of these symptoms are really intertwinable, aren't they.”

“Scientists have already proven that when our body is inflamed, it effects everything.”

“Many people who are suffering from mental health have an inflamed gut.”

“Just keep your body in movement.”

“A lot of people will tell you “well, you're simply under stress”, but they're not going to give you suggestions and ideas on how to treat that stress.”

“Reducing stress and managing stress in our live can come at so many different avenues.”

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