Non-Toxic Beauty with Diane Kazer

Today on the Toxin Terminator podcast, we talk to Diane Kazer, a pro soccer player turned Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Courage Coach, and Holistic Beauty Expert. She is the creator of both the Non-Toxic Beauty Summit and Cleanse, Heal, Ignite, which helps women discover their inner healer, and is the author of ‘Killer Breasts, A Step by Step Guide to Overcoming Breast Implant Illness'.

Tune in as Diane Kazer discusses beauty, the toxic nature of beauty products, and gives us an overview of The Non-Toxic Beauty Summit.

Find out about:

·      How the media and conformity effect our perception of beauty and our own toxicity.

·      Listening to your body's signals that may be telling you you're toxic.

·      The dangers of and various toxins found in everyday beauty products.

·      Why Mercury, Fluoride, and Botox are being used in the medical field.

·      An overview of the The Non-Toxic Beauty Summit and it's origins.




“We've been taught to fear how beautiful our body is on the inside.”


“You are the supplement, you are your own healing potential.”


“They were parasitic residents paying zero rent and stealing energy from me for ten years.”


“Mercury is one of the most toxic substances known to man, but they told us to put it in our mouth.”


“Intuition is the ability to hear thoughts in your mind and be able to determine what's ego and what's spirit speaking to you.”


“We can't buy our beauty, you can't build your beauty, you can believe your beauty.”


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