Can you "fire" your doctor????
Happy Monday !!

I have a brand new episode of The Toxin Terminator loaded!!  I can't wait for you to meet my friend Chel Garrison, I know you will find her to be as much of an inspiration as I did!!

Chel Garrison has battled not just one, but THREE autoimmune diseases. She has conquered them through plant-based nutrition and getting rid of toxins. She has created a life of cleansing balance and building that has made all the difference for her and her family. She is a mentor, coach, and speaker and is passionate about helping others create steps to reach their health and wellness goals.

On this episode:
  • Hear about Chel's discovery that she had THREE autoimmune issues.
  • Chel breaks down the deficiencies that led to a brutal cycle of thyroid issues and psoriasis.
  • Understand the difference between starving your body and fueling it correctly.
  • Learn how sugar feeds infection.
  • Chel and Aimee discuss when it's appropriate to "fire your doctor."
  • Hear what common substance fuels psoriasis.
  • Follow Chel's health journey from beginning with food to dealing with external substances like fragrance.
  • Come to understand whether size really equals health.
  • Discover why a pastor's wife is "taking Sundays off."
Would you like to connect with Chel?  
Chel Garrison:

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I hope you have a great week!!


  1. This sounds like a fascinating listen. I've dealt with a number of health issues but luckily none were autoimmune. To be honest, I do worry about developing one in the future. I try to live a clean lifestyle, eliminating as much toxins as possible. I've done a great job at what goes inside -- next I plan to concentrate on my environment.
  2. This sounds really interesting. It's so important to trust your intuition and fire your doctor if you have to. It's awesome that Chel has healed herself from food to her environment.


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