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It's Monday morning and we have a brand new episode up on The Toxin Terminator!!  Click the picture below to listen to the podcast!

I met Alison Rand through a mutual friend and we have quickly become dear friends!  She also is a huge advocate of removing Toxins from her life and her journey has focused so much on food, food-like and what we are exposed to through our food!  

Alison Rand is a wife, an adoptive mother, a homeschooling mom. As well as a health and nutrition advocate. She has been interviewed on radio, magazines, and podcasts with her powerful story of renewal. 

On this episode:
  • Get an insider look at the adoption process.
  • Redefine "healthy" by understanding the difference between outward appearance and true internal wellness.
  • Discover the avenues Alison took to treat her eczema, low energy, and anxiety.
  • Alison shares about her journey with an autoimmune disorder.
  • Learn the steps that Alison has taken to detox her body and get into complete and total remission.
  • Hear Alison's top 3 recommendations to improve your gut health.
If you want to enjoy the superfoods that Alison discusses or connect directly with Alison, check out her website

Make sure to catch weekly episodes of the Toxin Terminator where industry thought- leaders help you understand the emotional and physical effects these toxins are having on you and your family and how you can discover safe alternatives!  I believe the ONLY way to renewed health is by removing toxins!!

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  1. My daughter and her husband are planning to adopt, as well. What a wonderful birthday gift your husband gave you!! That whole process is fascinating, especially that you needed to be a certain weight in order to adopt.

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