Fall into $aving$

Fall into $aving$
Good morning !!

Are you ready for fall?  Cooler weather, leaves changing colors, football, and my favorite ~ changing the wardrobe??!!!
I have a brand new episode up and here are the highlights of my conversation with Deb Gutierrez, Holistic Health Coach Extraordinaire!!

Host Aimee Carlson sits down with Deb Gutierrez, a holistic health coach who shows you how to break free of stress and being overwhelmed. She wants you to find time to create the healthy lifestyle you desire to experience – while feeling 100% comfortable in the skin that you are in.

On this episode:
  • Deb explains exactly what a "holistic health coach" actually does.
  • Aimee and Deb talk about one of the biggest issues with the fitness industry today.
  • Come to understand that stress itself is a toxin.
  • Learn the connections between gut health and stress.
  • Hear the correlation between hormones and metabolism.
  • Aimee and Deb discuss the potential dangers of hormone replacement therapy.
  • Deb breaks down how herbicides can have a devastating effect on human health.
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If you're not part of our community on FaceBook click on the picture below!!  I am sharing all month the products that I know and trust for me and my family that we have used to remove hidden toxins from our home.  I have spent the past 5 years educating myself on toxins and am so passionate about sharing this.  You know, 1 in 6 adults right now suffer from a chronic disease!  By the time we are 65+, over 80% of us will have at least one chronic disease.  These numbers are frightening!!!  But the good news is chronic disease is also preventable and reversible!!  Removing toxins from our lives is one step in the right direction!  I know for me, I am taking charge of my health!  I don't want to be a statistic and I don't want to wait for something to happen before I make a change!!  Ask me how you can get started too and save over $50!!!

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I hope you are getting settled into your fall routine.  I'll leave you with this wonderful diffuser recipe that brings out the woodsy aroma of fall!!

Abundant Blessings,

Aimee Carlson
The Toxin Terminator

Can you "fire" your doctor????

Can you "fire" your doctor????
Happy Monday !!

I have a brand new episode of The Toxin Terminator loaded!!  I can't wait for you to meet my friend Chel Garrison, I know you will find her to be as much of an inspiration as I did!!

Chel Garrison has battled not just one, but THREE autoimmune diseases. She has conquered them through plant-based nutrition and getting rid of toxins. She has created a life of cleansing balance and building that has made all the difference for her and her family. She is a mentor, coach, and speaker and is passionate about helping others create steps to reach their health and wellness goals.

On this episode:
  • Hear about Chel's discovery that she had THREE autoimmune issues.
  • Chel breaks down the deficiencies that led to a brutal cycle of thyroid issues and psoriasis.
  • Understand the difference between starving your body and fueling it correctly.
  • Learn how sugar feeds infection.
  • Chel and Aimee discuss when it's appropriate to "fire your doctor."
  • Hear what common substance fuels psoriasis.
  • Follow Chel's health journey from beginning with food to dealing with external substances like fragrance.
  • Come to understand whether size really equals health.
  • Discover why a pastor's wife is "taking Sundays off."
Would you like to connect with Chel?  
Chel Garrison:

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I hope you have a great week!!

Episode 5 ~ A fight with AutoImmune Disease

Good Morning!!

It's Monday morning and we have a brand new episode up on The Toxin Terminator!!  Click the picture below to listen to the podcast!

I met Alison Rand through a mutual friend and we have quickly become dear friends!  She also is a huge advocate of removing Toxins from her life and her journey has focused so much on food, food-like and what we are exposed to through our food!  

Alison Rand is a wife, an adoptive mother, a homeschooling mom. As well as a health and nutrition advocate. She has been interviewed on radio, magazines, and podcasts with her powerful story of renewal. 

On this episode:
  • Get an insider look at the adoption process.
  • Redefine "healthy" by understanding the difference between outward appearance and true internal wellness.
  • Discover the avenues Alison took to treat her eczema, low energy, and anxiety.
  • Alison shares about her journey with an autoimmune disorder.
  • Learn the steps that Alison has taken to detox her body and get into complete and total remission.
  • Hear Alison's top 3 recommendations to improve your gut health.
If you want to enjoy the superfoods that Alison discusses or connect directly with Alison, check out her website www.AlisonMRand.com

Make sure to catch weekly episodes of the Toxin Terminator where industry thought- leaders help you understand the emotional and physical effects these toxins are having on you and your family and how you can discover safe alternatives!  I believe the ONLY way to renewed health is by removing toxins!!

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Aimee Carlson
The Toxin Terminator

Hidden Toxins ~ Bug Repellent

Hey friends!  We want to be able to enjoy all those fun summer outdoor activities without having to worry about those nasty pests and the many diseases they carry!  But how do we keep our families safe without exposing them to even more harmful toxins?  I'm answering those questions and more in today's episode of Hidden Toxins!  

We covered why it's important to protect ourselves from bugs, and what ingredients we want to avoid and look for!  But how about the best way to apply bug repellent and other things we can do to protect ourselves and our family?

I found many helpful articles from www.ewg.org, like this one:

What to do before you grab the repellent

Give bugs a smaller target. Cover up with light-colored clothing. In areas with a lot of bugs, wear long-sleeve shirts with high collars and bandanas. When walking in tall grass or brush, tuck pants into socks to keep ticks and chiggers off your body. Use nets and/or fans over outdoor eating areas, and place nets over strollers and baby carriers. If your kids are going to camp, send them with mosquito netting for their bunks.

Get rid of mosquito breeding grounds. Drain standing water around your home. If you live in a place with a high tick concentration, make a wood chip barrier between your yard and wooded areas, mow the lawn, clean up brush regularly and follow the CDC’s guidelines for reducing your yard’s tick population.

Know your enemy. If you are in a place that presents few risks for pest-borne diseases and you don’t mind getting a few bug bites, your choice of repellent may not be that critical. On the other hand, if you need to protect yourself from Lyme disease, West Nile virus, Zika or other serious mosquito- and tick-transmitted diseases, your repellent and other preventive actions are serious decisions. It is vital that you research the common pest-borne diseases in your area – or where you are headed – so that you can match your choices to your risks.

Toxic or Ineffective Repellent Options

Try Instead
Bug zappers
They are ineffective and expensive, may attract more mosquitos to the area and may kill beneficial bugs.
Drain standing water, check window screens and stay indoors when insects swarm. Use repellent as needed on exposed skin.
Yard bug treatments
They don’t provide lasting protection, require more pesticides than skin repellents
Clip-on repellents, Insecticide fans
They pose inhalation hazards, and the ingredients metofluthrin and allethrin are more toxic than skin products. 
Ceiling or standing fans can keep mosquitoes from landing on people.
Repellent candles
They pose inhalation hazards, and are less effective than skin or clothing treatments.
Cover up with light-colored clothes. Use repellent as needed on exposed skin.

What is the best way to apply bug repellent?
  • If it is a spray or aerosol, apply to hands and then apply on exposed skin.  
  • Avoid eyes, nose and mouth
  • Wash hands with soap and water after applying
  • Apply every 5-6 hours, depending on what product you use.  And apply more often if swimming or excessive sweating!
Here is a favorite homemade recipe I love:
Homemade Bug Spray
  1. ½ cup witch hazel.
  2. ½ cup apple cider vinegar.
  3. 40 drops essential oils (eucalyptus, lemongrass, citronella, tea tree or rosemary-I use equal drops of each)
  4. 5 drops of blue cypress essential oil
  5. one 8 ounce glass spray bottle.
And as promised, here are the 11 foods that can repel bugs!!  If you want to read more on each food and why it is helpful, make sure to follow this link HERE!

11 Things You Can Eat to Repel Bugs

  6. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (So many other health benefits of drinking this every day!!!)
  11. ALCOHOL (Say what???)

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I sure hope this article gives you some options to truly enjoy your warm summer days annoyance free, disease free and toxin free!!

Abundant Blessings,

Hidden Toxins ~ Travel

Hidden Toxins ~ Travel
You know, we get to control most of the toxins we are exposed to within the four walls of our homes, but what about when we travel?  Unfortunately, our exposure is increased.  In today's episode, we're covering how to minimize that exposure with my favorite things to do when I travel!!

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Abundant Blessings,
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