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How did your week go?  We sure have been busy over here, two new episodes released.  Did you get a chance to listen in?  Here's a recap:

In this episode, I spoke with Tamar Medford. Tamar is a professional life coach, podcast host of The Road to Health, author of Hope Elevated: How to Accept Your Past, Gain Clarity & Develop a Healthy Mindset, and is passionate about empowering others to believe in their positive transformation!
In today's episode, you will learn:
- Why addiction is a toxin
- Addiction defined and how it develops 
- The different types of addictions & much more!

I was very excited to have wellness entrepreneur Johanna Dahlman on the podcast today! 
⭐ She has overhauled and upgraded what true health means and how to live it each day through her own health concerns. 
Having worked for Fortune 500 and 100 companies, she's all too familiar with the stressful environments of the workplace. 👩‍💼
She's developed a holistic process where she is getting results for her clients in less than 3 months! 

Tune in and learn:
✅ Exactly what is an autoimmune disease, its causes, and how you CAN reverse it!
✅ What is Alopecia and all its types.
✅How you can create an environment that allows your body to heal.

Since this week was such a focus on emotional health, I wanted to introduce you all to one of my favorite collections with Young Living. Essential oils have such a powerful effect on our emotions because they go directly to the limbic portion of the brain where we store our feelings and memories.  I have found this collection to help me release emotions as well as help me increase my frequency of other emotions.  What do you find that helps you the most with your emotions?  

 I use Valor every day on my shoulders to balance my body's energy.  If I find myself thinking too much of the future or the past, inhaling Present Time really helps me stay focused on what is important, right now. Tapping into my inner child reminds me that I still have a very playful side and she needs to come out and play!!  I actually really love this one as a perfume, give it a try!  Just a dab on the wrists will have you in the best of moods!  Using Release over my liver has really helped me let go of old emotional traumas.  And I find pairing Release over the liver with Forgiveness over the heart to allow those resentments to just melt away.  I just love the word Harmony, don't you?  It so much more pleasing to me than balance.  This oil is placed over my belly button daily to help keep me in a place of peace and love!  

I hope you have an awesome weekend!  I'll be off on an adventure with our granddaughter next week!  Watch for fun pictures and how I take my toxin-free lifestyle with me while I'm traveling in my FaceBook community

Let me know how I can best support you in your toxin-free lifestyle!

Dog Days of Summer!

Happy Friday!!

Did you get a chance to check out this week's episodes? 

In my interview with Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum, I learned 2 ways to stop a panic attack-check it out!!

And then Janice McQueen shared her secrets to Anti-Aging!

Check out the full episodes here:

Friday Fun Facts:

It's hard to believe that we're already midway through July!  But we still have lots of days in the sunshine to embrace so let's make sure we are keeping ourselves, our families and the environment safe.  Check out what one of my favorite online resources, www.safecosmetics.orgsays about the chemicals of concern in your typical sunscreen.  

Benzophenone: In personal care products, benzophenone is used as a fragrance enhancer or to prevent products such as soaps from losing scents and colors in the presence of UV light.  Derivatives of benzophenones such as BP2 and oxybenzone (BP3) are used in sunscreens. Oxybenzone is used as an ultraviolet light absorber and stabilizer especially in plastics and sunscreen agents. HEALTH CONCERNS: Cancer, endocrine disruption, developmental and reproductive toxicity,  organ system toxicity, irritation, ecotoxicity

Homosalate:  Homosalate is an organic compound that belongs to a class of chemicals called salicylates. Salicylates prevent direct skin exposure to the sun’s harmful rays by absorbing ultraviolet (UV) light. Homosalate specifically absorbs short-wave UVB rays, which are associated with DNA damage and increased risk of skin cancer.

HEALTH CONCERNS: Endocrine disruption, skin absorption

Octinoxate:  Octinoxate filters UV‐B rays from the sun. It does not protect against UV-A rays. Octinoxate dissolves in oil, which makes it a fat-seeking substance in the body. It is formed by combining methoxycinnamic acid and 2-ethylhexanol- compounds which are not harmful on their own. When mixed together, they form a clear liquid that does not dissolve in water. It is found in hair color products and shampoos, sunscreen, lipstick, nail polish, and skin creams.  In products other than sunscreens, it is used as a UV filter to protect the products from degrading when exposed to the sun.

HEALTH CONCERNS: Endocrine disruption, reproductive and developmental toxicity, organ system toxicity

PABA:  PABA was introduced in the 1970s as a UVB filter. More recently, its use has declined due to allergic dermatitis, photosensitivity and a tendency to stain clothing. Some research links PABA with thyroid-disrupting activity, raising concerns about long-term health effects. Currently, PABA derivatives are used in place of PABA, but these derivatives may also cause health problems. HEALTH CONCERNS: Endocrine disruption, sensitization and bioaccumulation.

For me and my family, we use the EASY BUTTON when it comes to personal care products.  I know I don't have to be a label reader or a chemist because I trust the company I make our purchases from.  I go online and the box shows up at my doorstep!  What could be easier than that?  You can check them out here:     www.aimeecarlson.com/start

Thank you for entrusting your journey in this Toxin-Free Lifestyle with me. Join us in our community on FaceBook where I share valuable resources daily, including our weekly Wednesday Live Q&A's!   The Toxin Free Lifestyle

 I'd love to hear from you, tell me what resources you'd like to have that would make this journey easier for you and your family!

It's Launch Time.....

Hello !

I had some amazing guests on the podcast this week and I'm sharing more about these episodes today with you as well as some great hydrating, refreshing recipes and how to be part of my launch team!  Yep!  My heart and sould have been poured into this amaxing toxin free lifestyle.  Researching, learning and implementing so many changes in my life.  It's now in print and the book will go live next week!  I can hardly sit still, I'm so excited!  Be a part of the launch RIGHT HERE

Joining us this episode is Kristen Coffield. She is an author, speaker, educator, and culinary disruptor!
In this episode we will discuss:
• All about Kristen's story of resilience-from cancer, mental health issues, money problems, and a troubled marriage!
• Learning to make a change in what you can control.
• What is a sugar detox?
• Wine: How is it toxic?

Check out the episode by clicking the picture below!

Joining us this episode is Laura Powers, actress, model, and psychic. She is the President of Healing Powers and hosts the podcast Healing Powers. She has consulted as a medium, clairvoyant, and a paranormal communicator.
In this episode we discuss:
• What an empath is as well as the differences between a psychic, medium, and clairvoyant. 
• How do toxins affect an empath?
• How can you support yourself against toxins and negative energy?
• Do we all have abilities? 
Listen to the full episode by clicking the picture below! 

Great Hydrating Recipes!

Our summer products can be so full of toxic ingredients.  
Check out my favorite safe summer products that we won't be 
without.  From sun protection to bug spray and just in case you
overdid it spray!

Our sunscreen is dermatologist reviewed and recommended
by the Skin Cancer Foundation as well as Reef Safe!  That's 
a win in my book!

Our insect repellent is 100% plant based, DEET free, clinically 
proven to repel mosquitos and prevent bites as well as dermatologist
tested and hypoallergenic!

I just love the after sun spray that soothes & cools the skin, provides immediate relief, helps prevent peeling and is Vegan Friendly! 
Pro Tip:  Keep this one in the refrigerator for an even cooler effect!

Click on the link below the picture to grab yourself these favorites of mine!  Your body will thank you.

I want to invite you all to celebrate with me!  I am launching my book next week and would love you to be a part of my party as we launch!!  If you want to be the very first to know when the book goes live on Amazon, click here: 
Not only will you be the first to be notified, but I'll be celebrating the entire first day!  When you purchase the book (it's only 99 cents!!) screen shot it, and make a social media post with the hashtag #toxinterminator!!!  4x throughout the day I'll be drawing from that hashtag winners for my summer survival kit!!  Your support means the world to me and helps me reach bestseller in many categories.  But most importantly it helps my book reach more of those who are frustrated and looking for optimal health!  Please take a moment and join the launch team HERE!

Can you eat rool food on a real budget???

Tiffany Terczak joins us today on The Toxin Terminator! Creator of “Don’t Waste The Crumbs”, where she shares recipes, grocery budgeting, meal planning, and DIY Natural Living. She hosts Grocery Budget Bootcamp & 31 Day Challenge to Frugal Natural Living.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The 4 main pillars of eating real food on a real budget.

  • The 2 ingredients to avoid in your food.

  • Tiffany's top tips to save dollars.

  • How to afford organic produce.

Just click on the link below to listen in!!  I learned so much from Tiffany on this episode and realized it is possible to eat clean healthy food AND stay within a budget. In fact, her family of 4 spends under $600 each month on their grocery bill.  She's also sharing how they were completely debt free in just 2 years!

One of the biggest frustrations I hear from so many people is they don't know where to start or how to get started, when it comes to removing toxins from their lives.  I have developed the Five Pillars of Living a Toxin Free Lifestyle and I share about this lifestyle in my Facebook Group as well as bringing in experts to share their knowledge with you LIVE each and every week!!  This week you'll be hearing from my friend Belldon Colme, a metabolic cellular biologist, who has helped thousands learn the secret to getting the weight off and keeping it off for good!  And next week, I have another friend of mine, Vincent Esposito, who is a chiropractor and has a masters in nutrition and host of his own podcast "The Art Of Eating Podcast".  He will be sharing new classes that he is offering that will help you make meals that not only are good for you, but taste great too!  He sees in his practice how his clients that make these dietary changes are doing much better than those who don't!  He will be showing us how to incorporate simple yet effective principles to help get you well.  

AND, as a new bonus, you can submit your questions for my expert guests that will be asked during their live time in the group!!  Watch for the Monday videos and join us HERE.

I appreciate you being on this journey with me!  Please let me know if you have questions I can help with!

Gardening Naturally

Gardening Naturally

Join us today on another solo episode of The Toxin Terminator podcast! We talk all about natural gardening and great DIY essential oil recipes that you can use in your own gardens.

Find out about:

·      Ways to boost your soil fertilization with items from your kitchen

·      Companion planting: what it is, benefits, and different companion pairs

·      The numerous uses/mixtures of essential oils for your garden and how to use them

·      Ways to repel pests and unwanted bugs

·      A great DIY hand cream recipe 



“You can boost your soil and all the nutrients it will need to produce healthy plants just by sorting through your food waste.”


“On the flip side, there are certain plants you never want to plant next to each other.”

“And guess what, everything works well with oregano.”

“Working hard to have a healthy garden that is also non-toxic can be an uphill battle.”

“I want my kids and grand kids to be able to be out in the garden with me, and I don't want them to worry about touching things or ingesting something that is going to hurt them.”

Important Links and Mentions:


·      http://aimeecarlson.com/landing/assessment 

Connect with me! 


Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission at no cost to you. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

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